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Majlis & Shop

Opens 3 October, 2012

280 Ourouba road, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

T +966 (0)1 4169550 E

Our page is under construction, meanwhile you can enjoy reading our blog!

Exhibition: SoftPower

13th August 2012

    Our inaugural exhibition SoftPower features new commissions by emerging mixed-media artists Sarah Abu Abdallah and Sarah Mohanna Al-Abdali and a special loan by one of Saudi’s leading artists Manal Al Dowayan. While varied in style and methodology, their works employ a nuanced and at times humorous approach towards exploring the position of women within contemporary society, forgoing militant tactics for those of solidarity, ambiguity and irony.

    SoftPower is curated by Sara Raza and runs from 3 October to 10 December.