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What to wear for Ramadan? We’ve got it all sewn up for you – by the region’s most inspired designers

8th June 2015

• Ramadan Crate: 9th June – 4th July 2015
• 0549998761

Ramadan Crate at Alãan Artspace has tripled into three events running from June 9th all the way through Ramadan to July 4th.

The Kingdom and region’s most inspiring designers of one-off pieces have been brought together, providing everything for the complete Ramadan wardrobe. Three sets of designers will present their pieces during the season, giving you three reasons to drop by and see what’s new.

Alãan director Neama Al-Sudairi explains, “I always look forward to Ramadan as a time to celebrate with my loved ones, but finding significant pieces to wear throughout the season can feel challenging.

“With this in mind, we’re aiming to gather together all the inspiration you could need.”

For this wonderfully social season, the ideal Ramadan wardrobe has a striking outfit for each occasion. We have sourced unique and stunning jalabiyas, abayas and everything else you’ll need, from local couturiers.

Ms Al-Sudairi says, “Each event features stunning one-off designs, so we’re hoping our followers will return each time, to see what’s new, over the season.”

Ms Al-Sudairi goes on to explain how Alãan’s popup designer showcase brand Crate is being put to work for the event, “Crate is our vehicle to hand pick designers for set themes,” she says.

“It’s part of our mission to promote local and regional experimentation and entrepreneurship. This for us is a natural reaction to the crush of global brands that surrounds us. We are proud to present designers who articulate their own creative vision and craftsmanship in response to the mass-produced world.

“The success of Crate since its inception four years ago has proven Riyadh’s overwhelming interest in local, limited edition designs for everyday living.”

Ramada Crate schedule

Pre-Ramadan Crate
9th June – 15th June
• Kerta
• Viola
• Pashmina
• Libs
• Vintage & Co
• Mouneera Al-Ossaimy
• Nouf Elegant
• Opal

First Ramadan Crate
21st – 26th June
• Memash
• Reem Al-Hussain
• Suha Ashi
• Wings
• Meem Designs
• Statements
• Reesha
• Samia Abayas
• Unique Stations
• Enchilada
• Tid Bits
• Auras
• Tibra
• Affluent Boutique

Mid-Ramadan Crate
29th June 4th July
• Bashayer Al-Qunaybet
• Alia
• The Bisht
• Azrar
• 83 Store
• Waw Abayas
• Red 2 KSA
• Sallure
• Loving My Bag
• Sara Coture
• Loomer
• Gumesh
• Lamb & Lu
• a Diamond Story

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