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Catching up with Edge of Arabia's Ahmed Mater talking shop with Ehab Mamdouh

22nd November 2014

Click here to see: Artist to Artist: Ahmed Mater Talks Shop with Ehab Mamdouh.

Edge of Arabia co-founder Ahmed Mater headlined the Alāan Artspace events programme of November and December 2014.

Alāan Artspace’s founding director Neama Al-Sudairi explained, “Despite the slight tension between the arts scenes from which they hail, the artists have much in common to discuss. Both were strongly influenced by their mothers, in an industry traditionally inhabited by women. Both occupy that ambivalent world in which contemporary practice explores respect for cultural heritage and religious obedience within modern life.”

Ahmed Mater hails from a more established Saudi arts scene, promoted out of Jeddah, which has been embraced globally. Ehab Mamdouh, (whose debut show was at Alāan Artspace in 2014) belongs to Riyadh’s emerging contemporary arts scene, one that locals believe is more authentically Saudi.

Artist Conversation & Interview
“Artist to Artist: Ahmed Mater ‘Talks Shop’ with Ehab Mamdouh”
November 22, 2014
Our Guests:
Ahmed Mater
Ehab Mamdouh
Morabet Fahad (Moderator & Translator)

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