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AlãanMini explores the creative talents of Riyadh's children

24th June 2015

“When two siblings and a writer share the same passion, and the same vision, the result cannot be but outstanding.”

Click here to take a look at this article about AlãanMini in the Ramadan issue of The WMag.

And keep an eye out for our upcoming AlãanMini events.

Alãan Artspace Events

Alaan (meaning “Now”) Artspace is Riyadh’s key contemporary forum, at the heart of the city’s emerging arts scene. As a proudly authentic Saudi style evolves, on its own terms, in Riyadh, Alaan Artspace fosters the city’s growing arts community through exhibitions, event programmes and an important arts library.

Our stunning exhibition space is deliberately set at street level, welcoming a relaxed, immersive experience. We seek to exhibit four shows a year, allowing the freedom to examine, contemplate and discuss each show in depth.

The gallery’s roster of resident artists has grown to include Ehab Mamdouh, Abdullah Al-Othman, Sarah Abu Abdallah and Sarah Mohanna Al-Abdali.

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