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So who’s Reema Motib? The illustrator behind the brilliant AlãanMini map of Riyadh – for children to colour in during Saudi Design Week

2nd May 2015

Meet the youthful talent behind Alãan’s iconic map of Riyadh launching for Saudi Design Week. The huge mural will be featured on a wall at Alãan Artspace where children can come along to colour it in during Design Week, and even take home a poster of the map afterwards if they like.

How young are you?
I’m 20, I recently graduated from high school and I’ve started at college.

What’s your involvement in Saudi Design Week?
I helped create the logo for Alãan Art’s new project AlãanMini – which gives children the chance to participate in Saudi Design Week. They can come along with their mothers and get involved in making art. While the kids are making art, their mothers can spend time looking at one-off designs for children’s clothes, furniture and other pieces. I love children and really wanted to help get children involved.

And what about this map of Riyadh?
I think it’s important for children to get to know their city and celebrate it. What better way than coming along and colouring in a huge mural on the wall for Saudi Design Week.

Who are your three favourite artists?
Manal Al Dowayan, Nojoud AlSudairi, Claude Monet.

How old were you when you realised you loved art and were good at it?
I knew I loved art since kindergarten – and that’s what I’m hoping the children who come along during Saudi Design Week will realise as well.

How did you learn to create art?
Practice and colouring books – so – again – kids should come along and colour in the map!

If you could make your mark on one wall – other than that Alãan Artspace – with your work, where would it be?
It would probably be in the main hallway of my high school.

If I only have one hour which museum in the world should I go to?
I’d go to the MoMa in New York, partly because it’s my favorite, partly because of the gift shop.

You can see more of Reema’s work here.

And learn more about AlãanMini and Saudi Design Week here.

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